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Mini Computers

1. Lezyne’s micro and mini GPS units pack all the features of big GPS units into tiny packages. We’re big fans of the Enhanced Micro C GPS. It communicates in both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart for power meters, heart-rate and other sensors, and uses the slick Ally app to communicate with your smart phone for Strava uploads and call and text notification. Built-in GPS tracks speed, distance and route, while it can display turn-by-turn navigation when paired with your smart phone. It can live-track your friends, display realtime Strava segments, provide battery updates for all your sensors and display drivetrain info. The screen is customizable and it’s in color; run time is 14 hours, but this is just a fraction of what it does in a tiny, 29-gram package measuring 34mm × 48mm. At $160 (the B&W Micro is just $130), it is the best value in a full-featured GPS unit. $160; 29g;

2. Wahoo Fitness has been on a hot streak lately, and with the new ELEMNT MINI the Atlanta-based brand shows no sign of slowing down. The ELEMNT MINI does not have built-in GPS, but harkening back to the old Wahoo RFLKT it pairs with the Wahoo Fitness companion app to provide a slew of GPS-based features like Live Tracking, call and text notification and uploads to Strava of complete ride files. If you want to ride untethered, the MINI comes with a Wahoo Speed sensor and can also connect to Wahoo cadence and heart-rate monitors. But the MINI will not connect to thirdparty sensors and it will only provide a summary of ride data, no route maps or ride elevation. It really needs to be tethered to be more than just a wireless computer. For riders who aren’t looking for navigation or detailed training info, the ELEMNT MINI is a good intermediate between an old-fashioned cyclometer and a full-featured GPS unit. At 41mm × 58.4mm, with a $100 price tag, including the speed sensor and 300 hours of battery life, it’s a compelling package. $100; 30g;

3. When it comes to earning a coveted spot on your bars, CatEye may not be a name you’re considering, but it should be. CatEye makes GPS units, Smart units and traditional cycling computers. The Strada Slim is the smallest and lightest unit featured here, yet has a 35-percent larger screen than the original Strada and, unlike the GPS-enabled Lezyne or tethered Wahoo, this CatEye is a traditional cycling computer for riders uninterested in what might be happening at the office with call notification or looking at their segment times on Strava. It’s monogamous, talking to just the slim, fork-mounted speed sensor, so you’ll never be faced with waiting for satellites to lock or riding away from the group to try and get it to find your heart-rate sensor. The Strada Slim is a very slick package that just tracks speed, distance and time but does come with a few well-thought-out features: a pace arrow indicates how you’re doing compared to your average speed; it’s just 12.5mm thick; the screen is customizable and crisp; and its coin-cell battery lasts for a year. It comes in black, red, silver or white. $65; 12g;


As hinted to by the name, the Trail Runner was designed for off-road adventures, so the knobby, wide tires on the bike help it handle a wide range of dirt-covered terrain. Whether your young one scoots around the driveway or forges a trail through grass, snow, or gravel, this bike provides a confidence-inspiring platform. As finishing touches, Early Rider includes safe, phthalate-free grips on the handlebars and a classic faux-leather seat to make sure your future cyclist learns in style.

  • Push bike built for riding the trails or your driveway
  • Aluminum frame, fork, and handlebars is tough and lightweight
  • Knobby 14-in tires grip dirtbound trails
  • Adjustable seat height accommodates growth
  • Integrated threadless headset offer intuitive control
  • Riveted, faux leather saddle keeps him styling
  • Handlebar grips provide a reliable hold

Return of the King

The Dogma F10 Disk represents the latest chapter in a story defined by the utter domination of cycling’s Grand Tours. Bearing the hallmark asymmetric design of the Dogma series, the F10 Disk makes full use of Pinarello’s expertise in both structural design and aerodynamics. The result is a machine that’s startlingly fast and, unlike so many of its aero competitors, tracks tarmac with a silky smoothness that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. As befits a machine this advanced, it will accommodate your preferred drivetrain– mechanical, electronic, or wireless. In adding disc brakes to the equation, Pinarello has brought the F10 to new heights, promising control that’s unaffected by weather conditions, and allowing for late braking into corners when closing the distance to a breakaway mid-descent, or perhaps, extending your lead even further.

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